We help you achieve your language education goals

By helping you understand what you can do in English.

The Only CLB Testing Centre in Halifax and Across Nova Scotia

"Learn English Nova Scotia" administers a number of CLB-based tests to help you achieve your language education goals.

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Language Education Counselling

Get access to free* English language programs, courses, and training activities across Nova Scotia.

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* Assessments are free for eligible immigrants only. Check our FAQ section to find out on your eligibility.

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About Us

Learn English Nova Scotia* helps you understand what you can do in English. We administer a number of official English language assessments and connect you with up-to-date information about English language classes in your area and programs available online.
* Also operating as Language Assessments Services of Nova Scotia (LASNS).
LASNS is a licensed Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) language assessment and Canadian English Language Benchmark Assessment for Nurses (CELBAN) testing centre.

How we can help you:

English language tests

Take a Language Test

Do you want to know what you can do in English in listening, speaking, reading, and writing?

Taking an assessment will help you understand where your current skills are scored on the official benchmark. Apply for an assessment online and take the first step towards achieving your language education goals!

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Language Education Counselling

Improve your English skills

Do you need to know more about language training, courses, counselling, and programs available to you in your town, across Nova Scotia, or online?

We're proud to partner with leading organizations across Nova Scotia to help you access the resources you need to reach your goals.

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Get proof of your English proficiency for work or school

Do you need proof of your English language proficiency for your school, employer, or Canadian nursing regulators?

Licensed as an official testing centre for CLB and CELBAN assessments, we're happy to help you acquire your credentials.

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Friendly staff and the support
you need to get started in Canada. 

Do you:

  • Want to learn or improve your English and/or French?

  • Plan to move to Canada?

  • Want to learn more about Canadian culture?

  • Need employment?

We can help. Schedule your free appointment now:

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Learn English NS

Language Counselling

Learn English Nova Scotia connects you with programs best suited to help you achieve your employment and everyday education goals.

Find the best language course!

Language Education Counselling (LEC) is a unique service that we offer to help you understand what your test results are and what free language learning options are available to you at your level of English language proficiency.

Even if you are not ready to take a language class, we can show you the ways to be more successful in your English language learning!

Connect with us to get the support you need!

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* The test is free for newcomers to Canada who live in Nova Scotia.

We are currently experiencing an increase in demand for our services.

Expect to be contacted within 8 - 12 weeks from the date of your application.

The waiting time for an appointment can be longer if you live in a rural area and can not take your test online.
Thank you for your patience and cooperation!
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Why take an assessment?

Taking an assessment is the first step to achieving your language education goals. Do you:

Want to know what you can do in English in listening, speaking, reading, and writing?
Need to know more about language training available to you in your town and across Nova Scotia?
Need proof of your English language proficiency for your school or your employer?

We make it easy to understand what you can do in English and help prepare you to be language ready.

Learn English Nova Scotia is a licensed testing site for the CLB and CLBA and can refer you to language counselling and the right programs for your goals.
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What they say about us

I've got information about my English and I can improve it.

It helped me assess my capacities to communicate in English and identify areas for improvement

Instructions were very clear, the pace was just about right, the environment was conducive to take the exam, the instructor was very accommodating.

Gave me information which areas I can take from ISANS to further develop my English.

They explained me exactly what my options in further language learning.

It was helpful because it gave me all the options to me in NS

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